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None of Barbara's moves are known, and her Ability is {{a|Big Pecks}}.}}
|img=White Gigi.png
|epname=Lights, Camera...Action!
|desc='''Gigi''' (Japanese: '''ぶぶ''' ''Bubu'') is a Pokémon actress enlisted in White's BW Agency. She was one of the two {{p|Tepig}} that White was supposed to bring for her commercial shooting, but due to a mix-up, she only brought a female Tepig. She seems to get along with {{adv|Black}}'s [[Bo|Tep]] as they quickly decided to play together when they first met.
After discovering her true battle potential, Gigi decides to side with N and leaves White to join him. After deciding that she preferred show business instead, Gigi returned to White as an actress.}}