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Gameplay in Pokémon Masters mainly involves battles and story dialogue.
===Sync pairs===
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* Strike sync pairs, which focus on attacking
* Support sync pairs, which focus on defending, healing HP, and increasing stats of the whole team
* Tech sync pairs, which focus on different tactics, such as inflicting status alterationsconditions
The level of a sync pair can be increased by winning battles or by using Level-Up Manuals.
Sync pairs can be recruited by playing the main story, or through Sync Pair Scout at the shop.
===Battle mechanics===
In co-op battles, three Trainers team up to battle the opponent. Each Trainer brings a team of three Pokémon but only has one Pokémon out on the field at one time, with each Trainer's Pokémon having their own move gauge. Each Trainer is able to switch between their Pokémon, although switching takes one turn. Once the player completes the "Switch-In Moves!" tutorial in the training area, the player will be able to choose a move during the same turn as switching.
'''Unity attacks''' are moves unique to co-op battles. These are powerful attacks that are unleashed by all three allied sync pairs combined and target all opponents. To use a unity attack, the team must fill the unity gauge. The unity gauge charges slowly over time, but can be filled faster by using moves in specific ways. When the team's Pokémon attack consecutively without being interrupted by an opponent's move, a chain is created. Any Pokémon moves (not Trainer moves) used during a chain will fill the unity gauge equal to the number of move gauge slots required to use the move. Critical hits will fill the unity gauge by an extra +1. When all three of the team's Pokémon attack consecutively without the chain being interrupted, then the team will obtain a unity bonus for a short period of time. When the unity bonus is in effect, any moves (including Pokémon and Trainerally's moves)attacks will fill the unity gauge and moves will do more damage to opponents. Once the unity gauge is charged, the team will unleash a unity attack. The move's type is a combination of all allied sync pair's types. Each player can choose one of their sync pairs to partake in the unity attack, allowing the player to choose a type that would be advantageous against the opponent. Once the unity attack is unleashed, the Pokémon that participated in the unity attack will be active in the field.