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In the anime
In ''[[SM127|Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams!]]'', when Gladion located his Zoroark on Melemele Island, Zoroark created an {{a|illusion}} of a moment from Gladion's childhood involving Mohn. Gladion informed Mohn that the then-infant Lillie was crying, earning thanks from Mohn. Lusamine then entered the room with Lillie, and Mohn helped her to stop crying.
Mohn briefly appeared in a flashback in ''[[SM138|Final Rivals!]]''. When Gladion sent Zoroark out during his battle with {{Ash}} in the [[Manalo Conference]], he thought of Mohn and asked his father to give him strength.
In [[SM145]], Mohn appeared, again as a part of Zoroark's illusion, which recreated the day Lillie first learned how to walk as an infant.