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Ash's Rowlet

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Personality and characteristics
Rowlet started to take a more serious approach to battling after its loss to [[Hau]]'s {{p|Dartrix}} in ''[[SM097|No Stone Unturned!]]''. This can be seen when it kept attacking the Substitute Doll, and when it even visited its old foster family for some training. Unlike other Pokémon in the anime who have prevented themselves from evolving, like Ash's Pikachu or [[Dawn's Piplup]], Rowlet doesn't seem uninterested or afraid of [[evolution]], but decided it liked the [[Everstone]] it picked up after it allowed it to perform {{m|Seed Bomb}}. Since the battle, Rowlet has developed a rivalry with {{p|Decidueye}}. While the rivalry is normally friendly, they are extremely competitive, as seen in ''[[SM131|The Battlefield of Truth and Love!]]'', when Rowlet and Decidueye interacted aggressively and passionately with each other upon learning that they would be battling each other in the [[Manalo Conference]].
Starting in ''[[SM111|Show Me the Metal!]]'', Rowlet formed a close friendship with a {{p|Meltan}}. When Meltan's nut head fell off of its body, Rowlet flew to catch it, saving it from a {{p|Murkrow}}. This was seen again in the [[SM112|next episode]], where it tried to substitute its lost nut head for many objects. Rowlet's protectiveness of Meltan saw it take {{MTR}}'s {{m|Fury Swipes}} in the place of the Hex Nut Pokémon, causing Rowlet's back to become badly damaged. However, Rowlet often has to prevent Meltan from causing damage, such as in ''[[SM116|The Secret Princess!]]'', where it prevented Meltan from eating a frying pan. Rowlet was asleep during Meltan's evolution into {{AP|Melmetal}} in ''[[SM138|Final Rivals!]]'', but it instantly recognized its friend upon waking up, congratulating it and finding a nice place to rest inside the hole in its stomach.