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In the anime
The battle continued in ''[[SM137|The Wisdom Not to Run!]]'', during which Guzma finally started to realize his own cowardice through defeating only weak opponents and running away from battles against strong ones. Despite the strength of Ash's Pikachu, Golisopod still wanted to continue battling, but the battle ultimately led to Guzma's loss. The audience applauded for the great battle and Kukui hoped to see Guzma participating next year as well, but Guzma considered his reputation ruined and was ready to disband Team Skull. However, Plumeria and the Team Skull Grunts were so fired up by the battle that they wanted stay by his side and learn to battle as well as he did.
Guzma reappeared in a flashback in ''[[SM138|Final Rivals!]]''.
In [[SM146]], Guzma and Golisopod were seen training with his underlings as Plumeria looked on.
In ''[[SM136|Getting Down to The Ire!]]'', Golisopod was sent out against [[Ash's Torracat]] in the semifinals. Despite having a type advantage, the two were evenly matched, with Golisopod taking several hard hits. Golisopod proved to be a cowardly Pokémon, as it used Emergency Exit once faced with a {{m|Fire Blast}}, forcing its teammate Scizor to come out and take the attack despite having a double type-disadvantage to it. This led to Scizor being knocked out, infuriating Guzma, who had a different strategy in mind that was now ruined. Following this, Golisopod was sent back out. The battle continued in the [[SM137|next episode]], where Golisopod managed to defeat Torracat, but was knocked out by Pikachu after a lengthy battle.
Golisopod reappeared in flashbacks in ''[[SM138|Final Rivals!]]'' and [[SM144]].
Golisopod reappeared in [[SM146]], where Guzma used it to train his underlings.