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Gladion later watched the battle between Ash and [[Guzma]], which continued in the [[SM137|next episode]]. He witnessed Ash's victory and knew he would be facing off against him. Gladion was later seen with his Pokémon, getting ready for the match.
In ''[[SM138|Final Rivals!]]'', Gladion was training with his Pokémon the night before the final match when Lillie and Lusamine approached him and suggested that he get some rest. However, he declined and told them that he wanted to be prepared for the battle. This prompted Lusamine to compare him to Mohn, mentioning that his father frequently became consumed with preparing for battles, even on their wedding day. Gladion's battle against Ash began the next day, with Gladion sending out Silvally to battle Ash's newly-evolved {{AP|Melmetal}}. After Silvally withstood a few hits, Gladion threw a [[Fighting Memory]], allowing Silvally to turn into a {{t|Fighting}} type, which allowed it to defeat Melmetal. Ash then sent out Pikachu and managed to defeat Silvally. Gladion next sent out Zoroark, much to Lusamine's shock.
The battle continued in [[SM139]], where Gladion and Zoroark used {{m|Never-Ending Nightmare}}. Ash and Pikachu countered with {{m|Breakneck Blitz}}, which resulted in Zoroark and Pikachu getting knocked out at the same time. Then, Ash and Gladion sent out their respective Lycanroc. Gladion's Lycanroc was eventually defeated, losing Gladion the match. Later, he attended Ash's award ceremony, only for it to be interrupted when a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Manalo Stadium Guzzlord|Guzzlord}} arrived at the stadium through a wormhole.
|desc={{p|Zoroark}} is Gladion's fourth known Pokémon. It originally belonged to his father [[Mohn]], but ran away after its {{pkmn|Trainer}} disappeared into an [[Ultra Wormhole]]. [[SM127|Later]], it agreed to join Gladion and help search for the missing Mohn. It is housed in a [[Dusk Ball]].
In ''[[SM138|Final Rivals!]]'', Zoroark was the second Pokémon used by Gladion in the finals of the [[Manalo Conference]]. It faced off against {{AP|Pikachu}}, but when it was sent out, it was disguised as Lycanroc, catching {{Ash}} and Pikachu off guard. Pikachu managed to hit Zoroark with {{m|Thunderbolt}}, cancelling the illusion. The battle continued in the [[SM139|next episode]], where Zoroark and Pikachu were evenly matched. After a collision between {{m|Never-Ending Nightmare}} and {{m|Breakneck Blitz}}, both of them were knocked out at the same time.
In [[SM145]], Zoroark was sent out to meet {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Magearna}} in the hopes of awakening the [[Mythical Pokémon]]. It immediately recognized the room and Magearna, and created an illusion, showing Gladion and Lillie a flashback of Mohn, Magearna, and an infant Lillie. It was happy when Magearna finally awakaned from its slumber.