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<i>It’sRowlet theis quarterfinalsdetermined ofto thebattle Decidueye in Ash’s Alola Pokémon League quarterfinals match against Hau, andbut Gladionfirst andit Lycanrocneeds aresome goingadditional uptraining. againstAnd Jamesjust in the nick of time, Toucannon and Mareanieits flock arrive to teach Rowlet a new move! Meanwhile, Ash’sat RowletManalo isStadium, determinedGladion toand his Lycanroc defeat Hau’sJames Decidueye,and butMareanie…and itthen needsAsh someis last-minuteup trainingnext! ifRowlet itenters wantsthe tobattlefield standdressed in a chance.Decidueye Luckilycostume, Rowlet’swhich oldends friendup Toucannonbecoming hasa arriveddecoy withagainst athe valuablereal lesson.Decidueye’s Sinister Arrow Raid attack! With Rowlet still standing, how will the rest of the match play out?</i>