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Methods of evolution

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Unique triggers: Bike works too
* {{rf|Galarian}} {{p|Farfetch'd}} evolves into {{p|Sirfetch'd}} after it lands three [[critical hit]]s in a single battle.
* {{rf|Galarian}} {{p|Yamask}} evolves into {{p|Runerigus}} when the player walkstravels through the stone gate in the [[Dusty Bowl]] after it has lost 49 {{stat|HP}} or more from a single attack without [[fainting]].
* {{p|Milcery}} evolves into {{p|Alcremie}} when the player performs a [[Victory Pose]] while Milcery holds a [[Sweet]]. Unless Milcery is {{Shiny}}, Alcremie's color depends on the [[time]] of day, the length of the spin, and the direction of the spin; if Milcery is {{Shiny}}, Alcremie takes on its sole Shiny coloration. Alcremie's Sweet corresponds to the Sweet Milcery held.<!--put the conditions for each Alcremie color as sub-bullets-->