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Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime

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In ''[[SM124|Living on the Cutting Edge!]]'', the Meltan appeared helping the Ultra Guardians again. They were also revealed to have started multiplying, doubling the total number. In ''[[SM126|Pikachu's Exciting Adventure!]]'', the Meltan were shown to have multiplied even further, bringing the total number to 60.
In the [[Poké Problem]] segment for [[SM133]], the Meltan left the Ultra Guardians base after overhearing Ash's Meltan contacting them from [[Manalo Stadium]]. In ''[[SM137|The Wisdom Not to Run!]]'', the Meltan were shown approaching the stadium. In [[SM138]], the Meltan met up with Ash's Meltan at the Manalo Stadium docks. The wild Meltan subsequently fused with Ash's Meltan, resulting in it [[evolution|evolving]] into {{p|Melmetal}}.
====Personality and characteristics====