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Professor Kukui (anime)

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In ''[[SM089|The Prism Between Light and Darkness!]]'', Braviary attacked [[Team Rocket]]'s helicopter. He then battled [[Gozu]] alongside {{an|Faba}}'s {{p|Alakazam}} and {{p|Hypno}}, only to be knocked out by Gozu's {{me|Aggron}}'s {{m|Heavy Slam}}.
Braviary appeared in a flashback in ''[[SM137|The Wisdom Not to Run!]]'', where he was seen defeating [[Guzma]]'s {{p|Golisopod}}.
Kukui used Braviary in his [[Full Battle]] with Ash in [[SM141]] and [[SM142]]. He defeated [[Ash's Lycanroc]], but lost to his {{AP|Rowlet}}.