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In the anime
Kartana debuted in ''[[SM124|Living on the Cutting Edge!]]'', where it was cutting everything throughout the [[Melemele Island]]. The Ultra Guardians attempted to capture it, but were unsuccessful. Soon after, a meteor approached from outer space, due to a conflict between a {{p|Deoxys}} and a {{p|Rayquaza}}. The Ultra Beast eventually cut it and saved it from hitting the [[Pokémon School]]. Afterwards, it made a cut in the fabric of space, which created an [[Ultra Wormhole]], allowing it to return home.
In the anime, [[{{DL|Light trio (anime)|Solgaleo|Nebby]]}} was speculated to be an Ultra Beast by the [[Aether Foundation]] before its relationship to the [[Legendary Pokémon]] {{p|Solgaleo}} was fully understood. Similarly, {{DL|RecurringLight wild Pokémon in thetrio (anime)|Necrozma}}, having not yet been identified as the "Blinding One" of Alolan myth, was given the codename UB Black (Japanese: '''{{tt|UB:BLACK|ユービー:ブラック}}''' ''UB: Black''). In the [[SM146|final episode]] of the series, Ash recounted a story of an adventure he had with Solgaleo in an unnamed Ultra Space world, where he helped an Ultra Beast he had "never seen before", despite all known Ultra Beasts having debuted in the anime.
==In the manga==