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Samson Oak

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==In the games==
===Pokémon Sun and Moon===
Samson Oak is first seen in [[Malie City]] on [[Ula'ula Island]] in {{pkmn|Sun and Moon}}, when the {{player}}'s [[Rotom Pokédex]] recognizes him. He tells the player about his research on [[regional form]]s, and asks them to come meet him in the city's library. When the player meets him in the library, he talks about regional variantsforms again, before requesting that the player show him the local variant {{p|Persian}}. Upon being shown an Alolan Persian, he explains why regional variantsforms exist, and explains his theory on why the Alolan Persian looks the way it does before giving the player a [[Love Ball]]. He also talks about [[Professor Oak|his cousin]] in [[Kanto]], who gave him a Kanto Pokédex which he uses to compare the Alolan variants of {{cat|Generation I Pokémon|Pokémon native to Kanto}} to their regular form counterparts. Finally, he tells the player about how {{ga|Blue|his cousin's grandson}} might come visit Alola someday because of the [[Z-Crystal]]s Samson has sent him.
Samson is later met behind the [[Malie City#Recycling Plant|Malie City Recycling Plant]], where he explains why the Alolan {{p|Grimer}} is the way it is and gives the player a [[Friend Ball]] before leaving for Malie Library. The player may also encounter Samson inside the Geothermal Power Plant on [[Blush Mountain]], where he will be standing in front of a photo of the [[Kalos Power Plant]]. Here he will tell the player about the hair of Alolan {{p|Diglett}} before handing the player a [[Lure Ball]]. He is also met behind the [[Pokémon Center]] atop [[Mount Hokulani]], where he talks about {{p|Minior}}'s [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Minior|different forms]]. Before going back to Malie Library again, he gives the player a [[Moon Ball]].