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Search and order
[[Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire]] kept all the search features from {{2v2|X|Y}}, with some new additions. This time, all forms of a Pokémon registered will be taken in account when sorting and searching, even if they aren't the currently set form. There is also an option to search for Pokémon whose [[Mega Evolution]] form or {{shiny}} appearance have been registered.
In [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]], the Pokédex is divided into 4 Island Pokédexes, which feature the Pokémon found in each island of [[Alola]] (thus sharing species). Combined, they form the Alola Pokédex, which gathers all the Pokémon present in the Island Pokédexes, plus some others, like [[Legendary Pokémon]] and [[Ultra Beast]]s. The search/sorting function is only present in the Alola Pokédex proper. In addition to the features available in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, a new option is present, that allows to search for Pokémon whose [[Alola {{rf|Alolan|Form]]}} has been seen. There is no National Pokédex mode in these games.
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Gen II: Search: Type1, Type2, Option: New dex mode, Old Pokédex mode, A to Z mode (to is actually lowercase legasp) and Unown mode