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==={{chap|Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon}}===
[[File:Sun Adventures.png|thumb|left|170px|Sun in his first outfit]]
Sun debuted in ''[[PASM01|The Grand Entrance and Delivery Boy Sun]]'', where he encountered a girl named {{adv|Moon}} while doing part-time work removing wild {{p|Pyukumuku}} from the [[Hau'oli City]] Beachfront. When the {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}s that hired Sun came to check up on his work, they tried getting out of paying him by planting an extra Pyukumuku on the beach. When Moon pointed this out, the male Grunt had his {{p|Salandit}} attack her and then feign injury to force Sun to pay for its medical bills. Angered, Sun used his {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Meowth}}, [[Cent]], to defeat the Grunts and forced them to flee. Afterward, Sun apologized to Moon for causing her trouble and offered to help her deliver a {{TP|Moon|Rotom}} to [[Professor Kukui]].
In ''[[PASM02|The Delivery of Rotom and the Girl]]'', Sun and Moon were attacked by the [[Guardian deities|guardian deity]] of [[Melemele Island]], {{p|Tapu Koko}}. After a quick battle, Tapu Koko ran away and left behind a [[Sparkling Stone]], which Sun picked up. Later, Sun and Moon arrived at Professor Kukui's house on {{rt|1|Alola}}, where they found the man testing the moves of his {{p|Rowlet}} and {{p|Popplio}}. After a quick introduction, Moon delivered Rotom to Kukui, who wanted one due to it being capable of combining with Sun's [[Pokédex]]. When Rotom tried entering the Pokédex, it ran away in disgust because Sun's constant mishandling of the device left it dirty and smelling bad. Sun was forced to go out and retrieve Rotom while Kukui cleaned the Pokédex. The next day, Kukui revealed he entered Sun in the tournament being held at a festival in [[Iki Town]].