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Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime

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Exeggutor: replaced: {{alo|Exeggutor}} → {{rf|Alolan}} {{p|Exeggutor}}
A group of {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Exeggutor}} can be found on [[Treasure Island]]. They first appeared in ''[[SM020|Partner Promises!]]'', when {{Ash}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} visited the island. They allowed Ash and Pikachu to play with them before leaving. They reappeared when Pikachu requested their assistance in helping free a trapped {{p|Wimpod}}.
They reappeared in ''[[SM102|Alola, Alola!]]'', when Ash and Pikachu visited Treasure Island alongside {{ashcl}} and {{an|Misty}}.