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Officer Jenny received another redesign for the ''Sun & Moon'' series. Unlike other regions, which usually had an Officer Jenny in each town and city, Alola only has four in total, with each one responsible for safeguarding a specific island.
The [[Melemele Island]] Jenny debuted in ''[[SM009|To Top a Totem!]]'', where she informed people of a road closure due to fallen timber blocking the way, caused by {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Rattata}} and {{p|Raticate}}. Later, she prepared to ambush the pests in a grocery store alongside Ash, {{an|Professor Kukui}}, [[Hala]], the {{DL|Totem Pokémon|Totem Gumshoos}}, and its {{DL|Totem Pokémon|Ally Yungoos}}. After they chased away the Rattata and Raticate, Jenny asked an Ally Gumshoos to join her team, and it accepted.
In ''[[SM010|Trial and Tribulation!]]'', the Melemele Jenny and Gumshoos visited Ash to give him a certificate as recognition of his work. She then drove Ash to [[Iki Town]] for his [[Island challenge|grand trial]] against Hala before returning to her police duties.