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Generation VII
The [[Generation VII]] Pokédex consists of a device specially-designed to be inhabited by a {{p|Rotom}}, an innovation that gives the Pokédex its own personality and is intended as a new way for humans and Pokémon to communicate. In addition to a standard Pokédex function, the [[Rotom Pokédex]] includes a detailed map that can point out nearby locations of interest, and remind the player of the next objective based on recent conversations with NPCs. The Rotom Pokédex is a rare model even in the [[Alola]] region where it was created.
Like the Kalos Pokédex, the Alola Pokédex is divided into several categories, with a section for each of the four main islands of the region. Unlike the Kalos Pokédex, Pokémon in Alola can be found in more than one section of the Pokédex. In addition to the number of Pokémon seen and owned, it also displays the total percentage of Pokédex completion. Event-exclusive [[List of Pokémon with form differences|forms]], [[regional variantform]]s and [[Mega Evolution]]s have separate entries from the rest of their species. Unlike previous generations, a Pokémon's gender is only shown separately under the Forms section if there is a [[List of Pokémon with gender differences|visible gender difference]]. The player can also scan QR codes to add Pokémon they haven't encountered yet to the Pokédex, allowing them to check the Pokémon's location in Alola.
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