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Sizzlipede (Pokémon)

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====Name origin====
Sizzlipede may be a combination of ''sizzle'' and ''millipede'' or ''centipede''.
Yakude may be deriveda fromcombination of 焼く ''yaku'' (to burn) and 蚰蜒 ''yasude'' (millipede).
==In other languages==
{{Other languages|type=Fire|type2=Bug
|ja=ヤクデ ''Yakude''|jameaning=From {{tt|焼く ''yaku''|to burn}} and {{tt|蚰蜒 ''yasude''|millipede}}
|fr=Grillepattes|frmeaning=From ''{{tt|griller|grille}}'' and ''{{tt|mille-pattes|millipede}}''
|es=Sizzlipede|esmeaning=Same as English name
|de=Thermopod|demeaning=From {{tt|θερμός ''thermós''|Ancient Greek for hot}} and ''{{wp|Centipede|Chilopoda}}'' (centipede class)
|it=Sizzlipede|itmeaning=Same as English name
|ko=태우지네 ''Tae-ujine''|komeaning=From {{tt|태우다 ''tae-uda''|to burn}} and {{tt|지네 ''jine''|centipede}}
|zh_cmn=燒火蚣 / 烧火蚣 ''Shāohuǒgōng''|zh_cmnmeaning=From {{tt|燒火 / 烧火 ''shāohuǒ''|to make fire}} and {{tt|蜈蚣 ''wúgōng''|centipede}}
|zh_yue=燒火蚣 ''Sīufógūng''|zh_yuemeaning=From {{tt|燒火 ''sīufó''|to make fire}} and {{tt|蜈蚣 ''ǹgh-gūng''|centipede}} }}