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Many other members of Team Rocket have appeared besides the aforementioned boss and the trio, most of them are field agents as well. In addition, at least in the dub, one of these members, [[Domino]], implies that Team Rocket had agents in even the most innoculous places such as a University. A recurring duo who are rivals with Jessie and James, [[Cassidy]] and [[Butch]], show up from time to time. This pair reports to [[Dr. Namba]], rather than Giovanni directly.
[[Attila]] and [[Hun]], operatives from Team Rocket's [[Johto]] branch, were featured as antagonists in ''[[The Legend of Thunder!]]'', where they played the same role as Jessie and James do to {{jo|Jimmy}}, {{jo|Marina}}, and [[Vincent]]. Other Johto operatives include {{TROBP|Tyson|Team Rocket}}, who was in charge of the [[Lake of Rage]] experimentation; Domino, an elite Team Rocket member that was part of [[Mewtwo Returns|a mission]] to recapture {{OBP|Mewtwo|original series}}; the [[Iron-Masked Marauder]], a high-ranking agent who managed to [[M04|capture a Celebi in one of his Dark Balls]]; and [[Professor Sebastian]], a high-ranking Team Rocket scientist involved in both Attila and Hun's and Tyson's plots.
Jessie's mother, [[Miyamoto]], was at one time a Team Rocket member under [[Madame Boss|Giovanni's mother]]. However, she disappeared without a trace on an expedition to find and capture {{p|Mew}}.