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Don George

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[[File:Luxuria Town Don George.png|thumb|left|250px|The Don George of [[Luxuria Town]]]]
He and his assistants tried to track down Umbreon, and he suddenly spotted it and they ran after it. They tracked it down and cornered it, and Don George and his students began to cry at the thought of owning a Pokémon that is not normally found in Unova. When it was revealed to be {{TR|MeowthMTR}}, Don George was initially disappointed until he realized that a talking Meowth was even rarer. Back at the club, Ash realized that the culprit was actually a {{AP|Tepig}}. Don George recognized Tepig as one that had been abandoned by its Trainer when it lost a battle against a {{p|Deerling}} and then ran off when Don George tried to release it from the rope that it had been tied to a post with. Later, he allowed Ash to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} Tepig.
[[File:Don George photo.png|250px|thumb|A photo of the many Don Georges]]