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Plot: replaced: {{TR|Delibird}} → {{OBP|Delibird|Team Rocket}}
Determined to solve the strange weather patterns, Calista orders Jessie to help interpret the data, but Jessie is unable to offer any insight. Suddenly the trio of Xatu spring to their feet and begin moving their wings. Calista is horrified and reveals that the long-awaiting "day" of a great flood will arrive tomorrow. She reveals that she and the Xatu's services will come to an end as well. Ash and the others plea for calm. Calista fears that today's wrongful prediction will jeopardize the trust the people have for the Xatu. Even so, she has faith in her Xatu's fortune-telling skills.
She takes to the stage and warns her followers of the great danger. The people rush to the stage and offer their many valuables as tokens of gratitude before fleeing to reach safety. As everyone waits, {{TROBP|Delibird|Team Rocket}} arrives and delivers Team Rocket their overdue bill. As a result, the trio sneaks over and tries to swipe one of the valuable items, but Ash catches them before they could do anything. Team Rocket threatens Delibird, which prompts it to assist them. Delibird showers everyone with explosive {{m|Present}}s. James then sends out {{TP|James|Weezing}} to use {{m|Smokescreen}} while Delibird drops in a few more presents. Weezing then cuts the Smokescreen. Team Rocket are surprised to see that the Xatu are still there, but Calista explains that the Xatu were able to predict where to move to avoid being damaged. Delibird offers up another round of Presents, but this time they heal the Xatu completely. Just before Team Rocket can do anything else, Delibird drops a Present next to them and then leaves before it sends Team Rocket off into the sky.
The Xatu do another wing pattern, and Calista then reveals that the flood will still come, today that is. Calista watches as the Xatu continue to move their wings. She translates that Ash and his friends will be fine if they leave soon. The Xatu then describe fate, and declares that their predictions should only be used as a guidance and not as a predetermined version of the future. Calista accepts Xatu's message in full. With that said, the Xatu {{m|Teleport}} themselves, Calista and Ash's group away before the flood hits. The giant surge soon arrives and floods the auditorium. Above the disaster zone, Calista then decides to move to a city and to pursue her real goal, to become a meteorologist for a news program. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is at the mud-entrenched ruins of the would-be weather station, still searching for any abandoned valuables. Delibird soon flies off, but Team Rocket know full well that it will be back to collect its dues so they flee into the distance.