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Grookey (Pokémon)

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Grookey is a chimp-like Pokémon, with a green colored body, brown tail and ears, and orange limbs and snout. It has two large eyes, with a beige-colored mask surrounding them. It has two leaf-shaped hair tufts on the top of its head which holds a stick. It uses this stick to beat against objects and also has the ability to grow grass. It is said to be full of boundless curiosity.<!--
==In the anime==
===Type effectiveness===
|Normal= 100
|Flying= 200
|Poison= 200
|Ground= 50
|Rock= 100
|Bug= 200
|Ghost= 100
|Steel= 100
|Fire= 200
|Water= 50
|Grass= 50
|Electric= 50
|Psychic= 100
|Ice= 200
|Dragon= 100
|Dark= 100
|Fairy= 100}}
====By [[Move Tutor|tutoring]]====
===Side game data===-->