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Oreburgh Mine

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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[File:Oreburgh Mine anime.png|thumb|250px|Oreburgh Mine in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
The Oreburgh Mine debuted in ''[[DP015|Shapes of Things to Come!Roark]]''., It was first mentioned bythe {{sici|IanOreburgh}}, who informed {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} that [[RoarkGym Leader]], wasis coal-miningalso andthe exploringOreburgh forMine hidden treasuresforeman. AccordingHe tohas {{an|Brock}},a theparticular coalsinterest in Oreburgh City are one of the richestmany in the world. Later, Ash and his friends[[Fossil]]s arrivedfound at the minesite, lookingmany forof Roark.which {{TRT}}are wereon alsodisplay at the minenearby in[[Oreburgh disguiseMining andMuseum]]. pretending to dig forThe coal. Whenfrom the company meet Roark, itMine is revealedconsidered thatto he isbe the foremanrichest ofquality in the miners{{pkmn|world}}.
InThe Oreburgh Mine debuted in ''[[DP017DP015|WildShapes inof theThings Streetsto Come!]]'',. AshIt was trainingfirst hismentioned Pokémon against coal ore pillars in the Mine after his loss to Roark the day before. At the same time, Team Rocket revivedby {{psi|ArmaldoIan}}, who informed {{p|KabutopsAsh}}, and {{p|AerodactylAshfr}} from the revival machines they had stolen. Eventually,that [[Officer JennyRoark]] andwas at the scientistsMine cornereddoing {{p|Armaldo}}coal mining and {{p|Kabutops}}exploring atfor thehidden Oreburgh Minetreasures. TeamRoark Rocketapologized andto AerodactylAsh, alsoadmitting showedthat uphe athad thegotten mine.carried Ultimately,away Teamwith Rocketthe wasFossil defeatedhunt andagain thebefore Pokémonreturning wereto caughtthe [[Gym]].
In ''[[DP107DP017|AncientWild Familyin the MattersStreets!]]'', theAsh Minewas appearedtraining inhis twoPokémon flashbacks.against Incoal ore pillars in the firstMine flashback,after ithis wasloss revealed thatto Roark's father [[Byron]]DP016|the hadday left himbefore]]. asAt the Oreburghsame Gymtime, leader{{TRT}} justrevived asa Roark{{p|Aerodactyl}} was being assigned to leadfrom the Ancientrevival Pokémonmachines Excavationthey Operationshad at the Oreburgh Minestolen. TheUltimately, secondTeam flashbackRocket showedwas Roarkdefeated asand athe child,rampaging showing his father a [[Fossil]] ofPokémon awas {{ppkmn2|Sunkerncaught}} leaf at the Oreburgh Mine.
In ''[[DP107|Ancient Family Matters!]]'', the Mine appeared in two flashbacks. In the first flashback, it was revealed that Roark's father [[Byron]] had left Roark as the Oreburgh Gym Leader just as Roark was being assigned to lead the Ancient Pokémon Excavation Operations at the Oreburgh Mine. The second flashback showed Roark as a child, showing his father a [[Fossil]] of a {{p|Sunkern}} leaf at the Oreburgh Mine.
==In the manga==