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Trivia: Not anymore!
* In the Japanese version of {{game|Black and White|s}}, Alder speaks in old-fashioned Japanese.
* Alder is the only regional Champion who is not battled during the main storyline of the games in which he is Champion. This is due to [[Team Plasma]]'s activities, preventing the battle the {{player}} would have with Alder after beating the Elite Four for the first time.
* In the [[core series]] games, Alder is the only regional Champion who is revealed to be the Champion before the {{player}} challenges him in the Pokémon League.
* While he does not state that he specializes in any specific type, three of his six Pokémon are {{type|Bug}} in the teams he uses outside of the Pokémon World Tournament.
* Alder is the only Champion to exclusively use Pokémon that were introduced in the same generation as himself in all of his in-game appearances.