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PokéStops are based on a selection of portals from the [[Niantic]] game {{wp|Ingress (video game)|Ingress}}. Until 2015, Ingress players could submit proposals for portals which subsequently had to be approved by Niantic. Since 2017, portal submissions have returned for Level 10 players, with a new feature called Operation Portal Recon opened up for Level 12 players. In Ingress Prime, portal submissions are only available in Brazil, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, and are expected to roll out for other nations later on.
On October 9, 2019, the Operation Portal Recon services ended and were replaced with a new feature called Niantic Wayfarer. It became available for Ingress players imminently, and is expected for {{wp|Harry Potter: Wizards Unite}} sometime in 2020. It iswas currentlyreleased accessibleworldwide for Pokémon GO players inon Mexico,November Germany13, South Korea2019, Chile,after Sweden,several Finland,countries andwere Indonesia,given withearly rolloutsaccess forduring otherthe nationstesting expected during Q4 2019stage.
If for some reason a physical location is unsuitable as a PokéStop, players may send a request to Niantic via the Pokémon GO website or Niantic Support official Twitter account to remove it from the game. This could be due to safety concerns or if there is an error related to the PokéStop (the landmark no longer exists, never existed in the first place, or has been converted to a different use such as a private residence).
Since September 2018, Level 40 players have been able to submit stops in a limited number of countries. Nominations were released worldwide on November 13, 2019.
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