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|Last Word
|The Pokemon uses {{m|Explosion}} immediately before fainting.
|Lt. Surge and Voltorb<br>Glacia and Mega Glalie
|Snow Shelter
|Protects the Pokemon from damage from a hailstorm.
|Candice and Abomasnow<br>Brycen and Cryogonal<br>Grant and Amaura<br>Glacia and Glalie
|{{t|Ice}} type immmunity
|Prevents the Pokémon from becoming trapped.
|Caitlin and Reuniclus
|Solar Shield
|The Pokemon is not affected by status conditions when the weather is sunny.
|Lyra and Chikorita<br>Lyra and Bayleef<br>Lyra and Meganium
|{{a|Leaf Guard}}
|Fortuitous 4
|Has a good chance of raising the user's Attach, Defense, Sp. Atk., Sp. Def., Speed, accuracy, or evasiveness at random when an attack is successful.
|Glacia and Glalie