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[[Ritchie]] continues to pursue his goal to become a [[Pokémon Master]], along with his trusty {{p|Pikachu}}, [[Sparky]]. After traveling through a dense forest, an enormous city called [[Marion Town]] envelops them, and they stop to take in the sights and smells of urban life. Of course, it is a city, so their first smell of urban life is a cloud of truck exhaust. While searching for a place to rest, he comes across an older man polishing a pedestal of some kind. Inside that pedestal is a statue of the [[Mythical Pokémon]] {{p|Celebi}}. Ritchie asks the man where this town's [[Pokémon Center]] is, and he explains it's not far...that is, if it's still there. The city is planning to tear the Pokémon Center down!
* This episode aired between [[AG045]] and [[AG046]] in Japan.
* [[Ritchie]] reads the title card of this episode.
* Music from ''[[M02|The Power of One]]'' is used when Ritchie talks to [[Sparky]] about the [[Pokémon Center]]'s memories.
* This episode's name is a pun on "''pride and joy''".
===Dub edits===
* The dialog where [[Nurse Joy]] tells Ritchie about her grandmother's birthday and the anniversary of the Pokémon Center is the same in both versions, but the dubbed English version has Joy mentioning that the Pokémon Center first opened "75 years ago", while the original Japanese version has Joy stating that the Pokémon Center first opened "50 years ago".
* After Ritchie and Sparky are taken to the past and the {{p|Celebi}} figurine falls to the floor, a nine-second shot of the empty guestroomguest room, followed by a shot of Ritchie and Sparky arriving at a green field, is removed from the [[dub]].
* The banter exchanged between Ritchie, Joy, and {{OBP|Nick|HS13}} is different in the Japanese version:. originally, insteadInstead of wanting to travel all around the {{pkmn|world}}, Joy says that she wants to be a nurse and will be starting her training in a year's time. Ritchie then asks Nick what his dream is, and Nick responds with "Well, I..." before getting interrupted by Sparky.
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