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Poké Ball (item)

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| {{gameabbrev7|PE}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|3|Kanto}}, {{rtn|4|Kanto}}, {{rtn|9|Kanto}}, {{rtn|10|Kanto}}, and {{rtn|22|Kanto}}, [[Viridian Forest]], [[Silph Co.]], [[Cerulean Cave]]<br>Received from {{tc|Youngster}}s, {{tc|Lass}}es, {{tc|Bug Catcher}}s, {{tc|Gentleman|Gentlemen}}, {{tc|Sailor}}s, {{tc|Beauty|Beauties}}, {{tc|Gamer}}s, {{tc|Super Nerd}}s, {{tc|Rocker}}s, {{tc|Hiker}}s, {{tc|Black Belt}}s, {{tc|Poké Maniac}}s, {{tc|Engineer}}s, {{tc|Fisherman|Fishermen}}, {{tc|Bird Keeper}}s, {{tc|Punk Guy}}s, {{tc|Roughneck}}s, {{tc|Swimmer}}s, {{tc|Channeler}}s, {{tc|Juggler}}s, {{tc|Burglar}}s, and {{tc|BurglarTamer}}s after defeating them (except in Gyms)<br>Packaged with Pokémon Center 2019 Birthday Chansey
| All [[Poké Mart]]s, [[Celadon Department Store]]<br/>[[Cerulean Cave]]
Poké Ball was reprinted again during the Sun & Moon Series as part of the {{TCG|Sun & Moon}} expansion with new artwork by [[Ryo Ueda]]. As of this print, when the player plays it, they flip a coin. If the coin shows heads, they may search their deck for a Pokémon, reveal it, and put it into their hand, shuffling their deck afterwards.
* In [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]], {{tc|Tamer}}s are programmed to hand out three Poké Balls when defeated outside of a [[Gym]]. However, the only Tamer this applies to is Tamer Vincent at {{ka|Victory Road}}.
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