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Dawn (anime)

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* Dawn is the first traveling companion to have the new [[Ken Sugimori|Sugimori]]-style eyes.
* On the [[Pokémon Learning League]] website, [[List of clothing in the anime|her clothing]] has been altered so that her white undershirt has sleeves and she is wearing black stockings or tights.
* Dawn's socks have shifted position on her legs from mid-knee to below-knee several times throughout the {{pkmn|anime}}.
* Dawn's Japanese name is Hikari, and [[Zoey|her main rival]]'s is Nozomi. The ''{{wp|Hikari (train)|Hikari}}'' and the ''{{wp|Nozomi (train)|Nozomi}}'' are two {{wp|Shinkansen}} "bullet train" lines in Japan. The Nozomi is faster than the Hikari, possibly symbolizing thatthe trend of Zoey isbeing farther along in her coordinating skills than Dawn in the anime.
* When Dawn temporarily returned to the show in the {{series|Best Wishes}}, she returned for nine episodes. This is the same as {{an|Misty}}, but longer than {{an|May}}, who returned to the show for nine and five episodes, respectively; Misty's return was on four different occasions for a total of nine.
** Dawn is also the only one between them not to use a new outfit during her return.