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* In the Japanese version, after being shocked by Pikachu, {{Delia}} tells Ash to change into his pajamas before going to sleep, even if it's the dirty pajamas he was wearing at the moment. The dub changed this to her telling Ash to remember to change his underwear every single day.
* The Japanese version of the scene with Ash talking with Pikachu on {{rt|1|Kanto}} contains an untranslatable pun. When Ash asks Pikachu to talk ({{tt|話|hanashi}}) to him, Pikachu misunderstands this as him saying it has "no teeth" ({{tt|歯なし|ha nashi}}), thus opening its mouth to show Ash that it indeed does have teeth. In the dub, Ash asks Pikachu to open its mouth and tell him what's wrong, to which Pikachu responds to by literally opening its mouth wide open.
* For unknown reasons, ''Tears, After the Cloudy Weather'' sounds high pitched in the dub, where this wasn't the case in the Japanese version.
* In the Japanese version, after Ash thanks Misty, she slaps him. This was cut from the dub (the screen freezes just as Ash answers Misty) due to physical violence. In the next scene, Ash can clearly be seen rubbing his aching face and Misty has her hand in the air.
* In the Japanese version, Misty tells Ash there is a hospital in [[Viridian City]]; in the dub, she just says that it is nearby.