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Legacy: The reordered episodes stuff is already explained above.
The incident caused by the episode was coined by the Japanese press as the [[Pokémon Shock]]. Before the series restarted, a special report was aired on April 11, 1998, titled ''[[Anime: Pocket Monsters Problem Inspection Report]]''. In addition, an explanation aimed for children {{DL|EP039|Explanation of EP038 incident|was shown on the first episode after the incident}}. However, it has been known some children faked seizures to skip school the next day. Every Pokémon episode that aired up until this episode, including [[Aim to Be a Pokémon Master|the opening]], was edited by lighting certain scenes, removing or changing fast-flashing scenes and more. The original version of the episodes have never been shown again, except by mistake on [[Hulu|Hulu Japan]]. The resulting hiatus also impacted the production of ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', leading to the creation of a prologue explaining {{OBP|Mewtwo|original series}}'s backstory, as the episodes foreshadowing its appearance were delayed to beyond the movie's airdate.
To avoid further controversy involving the episode's central plot, {{p|Porygon}} has never had an important role in another episode since, despite {{AP|Pikachu}} being the one to cause the seizure-inducing explosion. Porygon's evolved forms, {{p|Porygon2}} and {{p|Porygon-Z}}, also remained absent from the anime until [[M15|the fifteenth movie]], and even then only appeared in cameo roles. Porygon itself has also made cameo appearances in the first four films and ''[[EP047|A Chansey Operation]]''. As an indirect result, its [[signature move]] {{m|Conversion}} has never been used in the anime since.