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Dub edits: Clarification on the "TO BE CONTINUED" screen.
* Misty introduces herself to Ash, Team Rocket, and the audience during the Pokémon Center battle in the Japanese version, while Nurse Joy reveals Misty's name to the audience at the end of the English version. The name is also mentioned at [[narrator]]'s conclusion.
* In the Japanese version, Ash's mom says that a black hen lays white eggs and a Pidgey lays Spearow eggs. In the games, it would later become possible for a Pidgey to produce a Spearow {{pkmn|Egg}} and vice versa, as both species are in the {{egg|Flying}} [[Egg Group]].
* When {{wp|Cartoon Network}} would rerunreran the first dubtwo seasons between November 2002 and April 2004 (excluding [[EP018|Beauty and The Beach]], [[EP024|The Tower of Terror]], [[Holiday Hi-Jynx]], [[EP043|The March of the Exeggutor Squad]], [[EP045|The Song of Jigglypuff]], [[EP051|Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden]] and [[EP054|The Case of the K-9 seasonCaper!]]), most episodes would cutlack the "TO BE CONTINUED" screen. This was one of the few episodes in which Cartoon Network would leave the "TO BE CONTINUED" screen intact, most likely due to the narrator talking over it.
** However, from June 2004 to January 2017, the "TO BE CONTINUED" screen would be left intact.
====Differences between the episode and the [[Pocket Monsters Film Comic|comic adaptation]]====