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Dub edits: More details of the cut.
* This is the first episode in the dub where the first section of an episode starts followed by the opening theme, and the title card comes right after it. The original Japanese version wouldn't have a cold opening until [[AG146]], 262 episodes later. Because of this, a final commercial eyecatch was introduced in place of the music video segment.
* The dub introduces a new title card, replacing the original one used in the first three seasons. However, the original title card remained in use until [[EP191]].
* A 3533-second scene of Team Rocket "admiring" 2 young kids carrying a Clefairy doll while they're selling food inside the [[Goldenrod Tunnel#In the anime|Underground mallPath]] was cut in the dub. Because of this edit, the scene where James first spotted Whitney's Clefairy was also cut, and the scene of him holding a drum stick chicken before the above cut was flipped, to make it look like he spotted Clefairy immediately.
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