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Back above ground, [[Brock's Geodude]] had finally dug a hole through the rubble. The Aerodactyl flies out of the hole in the ground, dropping Pikachu and Charmeleon on its way out, and perches on a cliff with Ash still in hand. Charmeleon wants to {{pkmn|battle}} the Aerodactyl out of revenge, but the Aerodactyl just taunts it. Fueled with anger, Charmeleon [[Evolution|evolves]] into {{AP|Charizard}}. Ash is happy, as he thinks that Charmeleon has evolved to rescue him. Unfortunately, he soon realizes Charizard merely wants to battle Aerodactyl for his own pride and has no intention of rescuing Ash.
Meanwhile, Misty sees {{an|Jigglypuff}} and tells it to sing its slumber song to make Aerodactyl fall asleep. Jigglypuff agrees and quite happily sings, sending everyone in the canyon to sleep. Aerodactyl, now asleep, falls into the rubble, dropping Ash before plummeting. Luckily, Charizard manages to stay awake by covering its ears and catches the sleeping Ash before he hits the ground. However, he also falls asleep after landing. Ash rolls off of Charizard, landing next to a [[Pokémon Egg]]. Jigglypuff, seeing everyone has fallen asleep, draws markings on their faces out of spite. After awakening, Officer Jenny announces that the whole incident was a dream caused by Jigglypuff's song, although Ash knows it wasn't. In addition, Jenny also announces that paleontological work will no longer be permitted, as any further digging may lead to more cave-ins and the eventual collapse of the entire canyon.
As Ash and the gang leave, Ash takes the Egg out of his [[bag|backpack]], revealing that he had found it at the site. This causes the trio to fight playfully about who should get to raise and keep the Egg. Brock takes the Egg and runs away, promising to take good care of it, with Ash and Misty in tow. Meanwhile, Team Rocket and their Pokémon remain trapped in the cave, with the sleeping Fossil Pokémon only a few feet away.