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Sky Drop (move)

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Generation VI onward
===Generation VI onward===
Targets weighing [[List of Pokémon by weight#440.9 lbs. to 451.4 lbs. (200.0 kg to 204.7 kg)|440.9 lbs. (200 kg)]] or more (after applying effects such as {{a|Heavy Metal}} and the [[Float Stone]]) cannot be lifted by Sky Drop, causing the move to fail. However, if the target was lighter than 200 kg when it was picked up, the move will succeed even if the target becomes heavier than that threshold by the time it comes down.
If {{m|Gravity}} is used during the semi-invulnerable turn of Sky Drop, the move will be cancelled and both Pokémon will be brought down.
Both the user and the target can now be hit by {{m|Thousand Arrows}} during the semi-invulnerable turn of Sky Drop.
While the target can freely select any of its moves at the start of the turn it's been picked up, it does not have the option to [[Mega Evolve]] or [[Ultra Burst]] even if it's holding an item that would otherwise allow it to do so.
The Abilities {{a|Wimp Out}} and {{a|Emergency Exit}} will not trigger if the Pokémon is brought below half HP during the semi-invulnerable turn of Sky Drop.