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Red's Pikachu (game)

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* In {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, there is a park called [[Amity Square]] where players{{player}}s may walk around with a Pokémon following them. While only certain kinds of Pokémon may follow the player, Pikachu is one of the few and may reference Red's Pikachu in {{game|Yellow}}.
* Red's Pikachu likely inspired, at least partly, the concept of any Pokémon [[walking Pokémon|following the player outside their Poké Ball]] in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}.
* When battling against Red, Pikachu appears to come from inside his Poké Ball, contradicting his dislike of doing so in Pokémon Yellow.
* Although Pikachu initially resides inside of its Poké Ball until the player has battled with the rival for the first time in Pokémon Yellow, it still enters the first battle from outside of the Ball.
* Red's Pikachu is the first starter Pokémon in the main series that will not evolve unless it is sent to another game.
* Other Pikachu when transferred from other Generation I titles to Yellow will behave like normal Pokémon, as opposed to following and interacting with the player. This is because the game checks for a Pikachu in the player's party with a trainer ID and OT that matches the player. If a second Pikachu were obtained through [[Cloning glitches|illegitimate means]] to have these matching variables, the game would use whichever Pikachu appears first in the player's party.
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