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Stage modification quotes
===Stage modification quotes===
<!---It is impossible to have +3 or -3 before G5, since Simple didn't change the flavor text, Spit Up and Swallow didn't state stat drops, and there were no other moves which could change stat by 3 stages !--->
The "Pokémon" identifier in the quotes below includes a prefix that varies depending on the situation; most wild Pokémon (but not all<!---probably all before Generation V!--->) and opposing Pokémon have one. If a move would raise a stat that is too high or lower a stat that is too low as a secondary effect, a quote will not be shown.
{| class="roundy" cellpadding=3 style="margin:auto; text-align:center; width:60%; border: 3px solid #333948; background: #4F5870"
! style="{{roundytl|5px}} background: #83899a" | Change
| <Pokémon>'s <stat> won't rise anymore!
| colspan="3" |<Pokémon>'s <stat> won't go higher!
| colspan="2" | <Pokémon>'s <stat> won't go any higher!
|- style="background: #FFF"
! style="background: #83899a" | multiple too high
| colspan="2"|
| <Pokémon>'s stats won't go any higher!
| colspan="5"|
|- style="background: #FFF"
! style="background: #83899a" | +1
| colspan="4"|
| colspan="3" style="background: #FFF" | <Pokémon>'s <stat> rose drastically!
|- style="background: #FFF"
! style="background: #83899a" | multiple too low
| colspan="2"|
| <Pokémon>'s stats won't go any lower!
| colspan="5"|
|- style="background: #FFF"
! style="background: #83899a" | too low