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Holiday Hi-Jynx

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Meanwhile, in the southern part of the [[Kanto]] region, {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} are scouting out a Jynx on a sunny beach, who is holding a single black boot. Ash attempts to [[Caught Pokémon|capture]] it, however, it does not work, and the Jynx's {{m|Lovely Kiss}} manages to defeat {{AP|Pikachu}}. {{an|Brock}} deduces that it must have a {{pkmn|Trainer}}. {{an|Misty}} is given the boot by the Jynx, and sees that it belongs to Santa, as an image is sewn to the inside. After Jynx telepathically tells its story to the group, they agree to help it get back to the [[North Pole]] to Santa. Jessie, on the other hand, sees Jynx as Santa attempting to con the twerps just as she had been 10 years ago, and plots to follow them to find Santa's lair and exact her revenge.
Ash calls out his {{AP|Squirtle}}, and Misty calls out her {{TP|Misty|Goldeen}}, {{TP|Misty|Staryu}}, {{TP|Misty|Starmie}}, and {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}}. All of the {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} help pull their homemade raft toward the North Pole, except Psyduck, who cowers at the thought of having to swim (Misty instead lets Psyduck ride with them on the raft.) The Pokémon, however, quickly become tired, and so Ash volunteers to pull them the rest of the way. He, as well, becomes tired and hears a voice. Confused, he asks his friends if they said anything, but they haven't. The voice speaks again, and Ash is caught in a wave, while the others drift away on the raft. Ash is plunged underwater, and finally, the source of the voice reveals itself to him: a {{p|Lapras}}!. The Lapras brings him above the water and reveals its telepathic powers, as well as the fact that it was sent by Santa to getbring Jynx back to the North Pole. It offers to bring them the rest of the way there as thanks for aiding Jynx, and they accept. On their way to the North Pole, the group passes large icebergs, and huddle together in Jynx's hair for warmth. Soon, they arrive, but before they can enter Santa's workshop, {{TRT}} in their [[Team Rocket's mechas|Gyarados submarine]], nabwho Jynxhas andbeen trapsecretly following the twerpsgroup, steal Jynx and Laprastrap the group under a net.
Team Rocket proceeds to bring the captured Jynx, tied in a rope, and enter Santa's workshop,. thenAsh proceedand tofriends stealconfront allthem, ofbut theTeam presentsRocket, holding Santa, as wella ashostage, Ashuses andhim coas leverage., whoAs haveTeam confrontedRocket themis loading up all the presents, hostageSanta and Ash and friends ask Jessie to stop. Angrily, Jessie givesexclaims herthat reasonshe fornever doingreceived thisany togifts Santaas a child, and thehow Jynxshe whichsaw a Jynx "stole" her favorite doll 10 years ago. A Jynx, after retrieving Jessie's toymemory isof revealedthe event telepathically, returns to havethe it,workshop havingand takenbrings itback toJessie's doll. Santa soexplains hethat couldJynx repairbrought the broken doll to him to fix it, andbut notthey beingwere ableunable to give it back because Jessie had stopped believing in Santa. Despite this realization, Jessie still plans to steal all of the presents, and Team Rocket makes their getaway. Lapras freezes the submarine with its {{m|Ice Beam}}, but Ash, using {{AP|Charmander}}, accidentally unfreezes it by using {{m|Fire Spin}}. Team Rocket seems to have won, but Santa has all of his Jynx use {{m|Psywave}} to bring back the submarine, shake the presents out of it, blow up the submarine and send Team Rocket "blasting off again".
That evening, Santa begins his yearly journey around the world, using a {{p|Ponyta}} as his steed, and flies away. Ash regrets not having told Santa what he wanted, but Lapras tellsassures him that heSanta already knows. Santa's Jynx then presentspresent Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu with gifts, as it begins to snow.
Team Rocket lie in a bed together, having been defeated once more, but Jessie has hung a stocking in the hopes that she might get somereceive presents. The other two believe it to be futile, but just then, a Jynx appears in their window. They stare in shock at it, and it uses Lovely Kiss to put them all to sleep. Santa wishes a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
==Major events==