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Appendix:Platinum walkthrough/Section 6

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{{itemlist|Antidote|Left of the bottom entrance|Pt=yes}}}
{{itemlist|Paralyze Heal|Above Lass Briana|Pt=yes|display=[[Paralyze Heal|Parlyz Heal]]}}
{{itemlist|Net Ball|In the large patch of grass south of Psychics Lindsey and Elijah|Pt=yes}}
[[Eterna Forest]] has a reputation for being a mysterious place, from the abandoned [[Old Chateau]] to the strange Moss Rock. Eterna Forest is a long and complex structure of trees that make it a natural maze, where a lot of people get lost. It's home to many Bug- and Grass-type Pokémon, and is currently the only known place in Sinnoh to find and catch {{p|Buneary}}.
Once inside, a woman named [[Cheryl]] will ask you to escort her through the forest, since she is worried about being attacked by [[Team Galactic]]. When traveling with her, all wild encounters will become [[Double Battle]]s! If you want to catch any of the Pokémon found here, it is recommended you do so after you've parted ways; while you're in Cheryl's company you're unable to catch wild Pokémon while there are two enemies on the field, and her Chansey will quickly finish off a single Pokémon. You also have the option of challenging pairs of Trainers as a tag team with Cheryl or by yourself by talking to them to fight individual battles. The greatest benefit of traveling with her is that after every battle, she will fully heal your team! This makes Eterna Forest a great place to train for your upcoming Gym Battle.
Once in [[Eterna City]], you will see that Team Galactic has set up another Headquarters. As usual, you'll be stopping them from their evil work. The building is blocked by small trees, though, so you must first go to the Gym, and battle the Gym Leader, [[Gardenia]]. Before that, visit the statue in the northeast corner of the and {{ga|Barry}} will join you. As you walk up to the statue, you'll see [[Cyrus]] there. Once again, he will make a reference to [[Creation trio|Sinnoh's legends]].
After Barry and Cyrus leave, first look carefully around the back of the statue for a hidden [[Plate#Draco Plate|Draco Plate]]. As you head back the way you came, you'll meet [[Cynthia]] who gives you a copy of {{HM|01|Cut}}! Also, talk to the lady in the [[Pokémon Center]] for a [[Pokétch]] app called Friendship Checker which allows you to tell how much the Pokémon in your [[Party]] like you. This is useful when trying to evolve Pokémon that evolve with high [[Friendship]].
Here are some other places you can check out in Eterna City:
===Bike Shop===
{{main|Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop}}
Obviously, this is a store where [[Bicycle]]s are sold. However, you can't purchase a bike from the store. The owner is being held captive by Team Galactic!
You can challenge the Eterna City Gym if you want but if you need more time to train or find new Pokémon you can check out the west side of {{rt|211|Sinnoh}} and part of the north side of [[Mt. Coronet]] by heading through Eterna City's eastern exit. See [[Appendix:Platinum walkthrough/Section 14#Route 211|this section]] for more details on Route 211 and [[Appendix:Platinum walkthrough/Section 15|this section]] for Mt. Coronet's North Area.
Before heading to the [[Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop|shop]], visit the Pokémon Center and make sure that your party has a free space - just before arriving at the Bike Shop you'll encounter [[Cynthia]] again, who will give you a [[Pokémon Egg]] that hatches into a {{p|Togepi}}. When you meet Rad Rickshaw at his shop, he will give you a [[bicycle]]. You can ask him to read you the manual for the bike here once you receive one. A unique feature of this bicycle is that the player can press the B button to switch between the third and fourth gears. Fourth gear is faster than third gear and allows the player to ride up {{DL|bike obstacles|muddy slopes}} and jump further from bike {{DL|bike obstacles|ramps}}. Third gear can jump bike ramps, but does not jump as far. Head to Eterna City's south entrance - now that you have a bicycle, you're allowed onto Route 206, the [[Cycling Road]].
Finally, before you leave down, make sure you bring Pokémon which know {{m|Cut}}, and {{TM|70|Flash}} (which is found in the basement of the [[Oreburgh Gate]]) and {{m|Rock Smash}}, as you'll need them to enter and navigate a few of the upcoming areas.
==Old Chateau==
Now that you have {{m|Cut}}, you can visit the [[Old Chateau]], which is located in the northern part of [[Eterna Forest]], by the exit. Buy some [[Nest Ball]]s from the Pokémart in Eterna City then backtrack to Eterna Forest, because the Old Chateau is home to {{p|Rotom}}. Since there are no in-game Trainers who use Rotom, you will need to face it here at some point for it to be counted as seen in your [[Pokédex]]. You'll find Gardenia near the entrance who, when you talk to her, appears too scared to go in due to the ghosts. Rotom aside, the Old Chateau is worth exploring to collect the items inside it. Go up the stairs to find the hallway with multiple small rooms. The only wild Pokémon you'll encounter here are {{p|Gastly}}, so you might want to bring some [[Repel]]s to save yourself some annoyance.
From here, use the first door on your left to reach a room with a TV. During the night (8:00 PM to 3:59 AM), Rotom can be found here, hiding in the TV. Unlike in {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}}, where you could only find it once the [[National Dex]] has been obtained, it can be found and captured right now.
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Head upstairs and into the main hallway, and save the game before interacting with the TV which Rotom has possessed. Rotom is not very tough, so take care to whittle its health down with flying-, bug-, or poison-type moves. As Rotom is only level 20, Nest Balls will have the same catch rate as Ultra Balls in this encounter, so send it to [[Sleep]] or [[Paralysis|Paralyze]] it, then use your Nest Balls to catch it. If you got the [[Dusk Ball]] from [[Oreburgh City]], then that will work even better than Nest Balls.
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