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List of moves in Pokémon Masters

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List of Trainer moves
|Self ({{p|Cranidos}})
|Increases the user's move gauge by three. Makes the user's next attack a sure hit.
===Unavailable moves===
These moves can be performed by NPC sync pairs only.
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! style="width: 120px"|Name
! style="width: 100px"|{{color2|000|Trainer}}
! style="width: 40px"|Number of uses
! style="width: 60px"|Target
! style="width: 160px"|Description
|Bask in My Glory!
|<center>[[File:VSLear Masters.png|75px]]<br>[[Brawly]]</center>
|Self ({{p|Staraptor}})
|Increases the move gauge. Drastically raises the user's Attack and Sp. Atk. Severely lowers the user's Sp. Def.