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Monta continued to battle wild Pokémon for training. When his Patrat did so, it ended up evolving into a Watchog. Monta witnessed Watchog's new power which was its Illuminate Ability which caused more wild Pokémon to come. This also caused a wild Tornadus to enter, which resulted in rain pouring. Monta tried battling it with Servine but Tornadus would flee everytime. However, Monta would still get a chance to battle him due to his Watchog's Illuminate. When Monta battled him one last time, his Watchog volunteered to battle. Monta was able to capture Tornadus due to the combinations that Watchog performed.
Monta goes into a cave with Cheren and Bianca and encounters a wild Kyurem. It took Monta's whole team to battle Kyurem. Monta managed to capture Kyurem with a [[Dusk Ball]] when his Litwick managed to weaken Kyurem. After catching Kyurem, Cheren and Bianca congratulate him on doing so. Monta bows down and gets burnt by Litwick's flame.
He goes to a Pokémon Center and receives a gift which contained Victini in a [[Cherish Ball]]. Monta interacts with Victini and gets burned in the process. He tries out his Victini and Serperior in a Double Battle against [[Muteki]]'s {{p|Jellicent}} and {{p|Hydreigon}}. In the battle, Victini uses V-create and the power of the move doubles due to the use of the Fire Gem it was holding. However, this caused the loss for Monta when Victini was defeated by Jellicent's {{m|Bubble Beam}}. In the rematch, Monta did way better and defeated Muteki.
Monta has a Single and Triple Battle with Cheren using Reshiram, Victini and Zekrom. Monta was able to quickly defeat Cheren in the Single Battle. During the Triple Battle, Monta had a tough time with Cheren, especially when he had to go up against his best friend, Serperior. Cheren's side used the Pledge moves in order to avoid getting inflicted with status ailments. However, Monta managed to defeat him in the end. After the battle, Monta went up to Serperior, wanting to make up for what happened. Serperior then hugged Monta very hard in affection.
|epname=Pokédex Complete!
|desc=Monta found {{p|Kyurem}} in a cave. It took his whole team to weaken Kyurem in order for Monta to catch it. Monta was able to catch it using a [[Dusk Ball]].
Kyurem's known moves are {{m|Glaciate}}, {{m|Dragon Pulse}}, and {{m|Endeavor}}.}}
|epname=Victini - A New Friend!
|desc=Monta obtained {{p|Victini}} as a prize from an event in a [[Cherish Ball]]. Victini's first battle was against Muteki's {{p|Jellicent}} and {{p|Hydreigon}}. Victini used its {{type|Fire}} moves to get the upper hand as it was holding the Fire Gem even though it was hit by Jellicent's {{m|Hydro Pump}}. As Victini used V-create, it caused Victini stats to lower drastically which gave Jellicent a chance to defeat it with {{m|Bubble Beam}}. In the rematch, Victini did much better as it managed to defeat Hydreigon.
Victini was then used in Cheren's Single and Triple Battle. During the Single Battle, Victini battled with Cheren's Beartic and defeated Beartic with V-create, after Monta learned the timing on using the move. In the Triple Battle, it went up against the fully evolved starters which included Monta's Serperior. Victini was able to defeat {{TP|Bianca|Samurott|Oshawott}} in the end despite getting {{status|freeze|frozen}} from Samurott's {{m|Blizzard}} the first time around.
Victini's known moves are {{m|Searing Shot}}, {{m|V-create}}{{tt|*|VictiniGame-event cannot learn thisexclusive move naturally}}, and {{m|Fusion Flare}}{{tt|*|VictiniGame-event cannot learn thisexclusive move naturally}}, and its Ability is {{a|Victory Star}}{{tt|*|mentioned only}}.}}