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Weight-modifying effects
===Weight-modifying effects===
From [[Generation V]] onward, there are several effects that can modify a Pokémon's weight in battle.
* A Pokémon withthat the [[Ability]]uses {{am|Heavy MetalAutotomize}} orhas {{a|Lightits Metal}}base functionsweight asdecreased twiceby or100 kg half(220 lbs.) each time it uses the move and successfully changes its normalspeed. This weight loss applies before other weight,-modifying respectivelyeffects.
* A Pokémon holdingwith athe [[Float StoneAbility]] {{a|Heavy Metal}} or {{a|Light Metal}} functions as iftwice it weighedor half theits weightpreviously listeddetermined in theweight, Pokédexrespectively.
* A Pokémon thatholding usesa {{m|Autotomize}}[[Float hasStone]] itsfunctions baseas weighthalf decreasedits bypreviously 100 kg (220 lbs.) each time it uses the move. Thisdetermined weight, losswhich applies beforeafter otherthe weight-modifyingabove effectsfactors.
A Pokémon's weight cannot drop below 0.1 kg. andWeight cannotis exceedalso 999stored with a granularity of 0.91 kg; if an effect would cut a Pokémon's weight in half when it's an odd multiple of 0.1 (except 0.1 itself), the result rounds down to the next-lower multiple of 0.1.
From [[Generation VI]] onward, if a Pokémon changes [[List of Pokémon with form differences|form]], any previously accumulated weight modifications due to Autotomize are lost.
===Game mechanics affected by weight===