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Unobtainable Egg Moves: Missing example
| colspan="2" style="text-align:center; background:#{{Mineral color}}" | {{color2|FFF|Mineral (Egg Group)|Mineral}}
| From Generation VI onward, {{p|Aegislash}} could pass down Head Smash as an Egg Move to Pokémon in the Mineral Egg Group, but Nosepass no longer has it as an Egg Move
| data-sort-value="6.0" | {{Gameabbrev6|XY}}
| 236
| {{MSP|236|Tyrogue}} || {{p|Tyrogue}}
| {{m|Ally Switch}}
| colspan="2" style="text-align:center; background:#{{Human-Like color}}" | {{color2|FFF|Human-Like (Egg Group)|Human-Like}}
| Several Pokémon in the Human-Like Egg Group can learn Ally Switch, but because the Tyrogue evolutionary line is male-only, it cannot inherit the Egg Move from any of them
| data-sort-value="7.1" | {{Gameabbrev7|USUM}}