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In all [[core series]] games since [[Generation III]], vitamins that affect [[Statistic|stats]] increase a Pokémon's {{EV}}s for a given stat by 10 EV points, onlybut raisingcan't aincrease stat'sthe total EVs tobeyond a maximum of 100510. orBetween theGenerations totalIII EVsand to[[Generation aVII|VII]], maximumvitamins ofwill 510also have no effect on an individual stat that already has 100 or more EVs. Prior to Generation III, effort values were based on a system of {{DL|effort values|stat experience}} and vitamins increased a stat by 2560 EV points, but could only be used until the stat had 25600 EVs.
The two {{PP}}-raising vitamins raise the maximum PP of one of the Pokémon's [[move]]s in increments of fifths of its base PP, up to <sup>8</sup>/<sub>5</sub> of its base PP.