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Pokémon Sun and Moon

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* These are the first [[Pokémon games]] to be released in China.
* These are the first Pokémoncore series games to show NPCs using [[Poké Ball]] variants other than the {{i|Poké Ball|standard Poké Ball}}.:
** TheseTo gamesshow markNPCs the first time when theusing [[NationalPoké PokédexBall]] isvariants unavailableother sincethan itsthe introduction{{i|Poké inBall|standard [[GenerationPoké III]]Ball}}.
** To not feature the [[National Pokédex]] since its introduction in [[Generation III]].
** To not award the {{player}} with a [[diploma]] upon completing the [[Pokédex]].
** In which multiple specimens of the {{p|Zygarde|same species}} of [[Legendary Pokémon]] can be obtained
* The Japanese, Korean, and Chinese logos for Sun and Moon contain a Z-Crystal.
* These Pokémon games have the lowest amount of non-event Pokémon available in-game in regards to the percentage of its generation's National Pokédex, at 47% or 384 out of 802.
* These are the first core series games to not award the {{player}} with a [[diploma]] upon completing the [[Pokédex]].
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