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Generation VII
===Generation VII===
===={{pkmn|Sun and Moon}} and {{pkmn|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}====
The player must wait to trade Pokémon until they gain the Quick Link option in their [[menu]] upon their first visit to a [[Pokémon Center]], which will allow them to trade with someone nearby. In order to trade over the Internet (GTS, Wonder Trade, or Link Trade), the player must use [[Festival Plaza]], which is unlocked at the same time. The player may require at least two Pokémon in their party.
===={{pkmn|Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!}}====
The game's multiplayer features, including trades, are unlocked by delivering [[Professor Oak]] his [[Parcel]] and receiving [[Razz Berry|Razz Berries]] from him. Trading requires having at least two Pokémon in the party and/or the Pokémon Box, [[Partner Pokémon (game)|Partner Pokémon]] and [[Walking Pokémon|walking Pokémon]] do not count and cannot be traded.
==Trading process==