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Pokémon anime
Starting on January 1, 2010, previous seasons of the anime debuted on {{wp|Tooncast}}, a sister network of Cartoon Network. The channel aired the first 17 seasons in sequence, and then started airing reruns of ''[[S16|Aventuras em Unova e Mais Além]]'' and ''[[S17|XY]]''. Some [[Pokémon movie|movies]] have also aired on this channel.
SeasonsFrom the [[S12|12twelfth season]]- to the [[S18|18eighteenth]], the anime premiered on Cartoon Network. On May 12, 2016, [[S19|the nineteenth season]] premiered on [[Pokémon TV]]. The first 28 episodes debuted on the service, but the last 20 debuted on Cartoon Network.
[[Pokémon Generations]] premiered on February 10, 2017 on [[The Pokémon Company International]]'s Portuguese YouTube channel in Brazilian Portuguese. The final episode of the series was made available on June 20, 2017.