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Isn't the CP calculation for Pokemon Go incorrect?
They are similar but different. For example, Groudon at level 40, IV 15 / 14 / 15, then Stamina is 220; HP is 173. We can't be that sloppy about 220 or 173... we don't want to use a value 173 when the value really should be 220, should we?
Another thing is that it doesn'tmentioned mention athe CPM (CP Multiplier) separately and up above... soit levelis 20,a levelbit 40,confusing. makes theIt finallywould have been nicer if all info for calculating the CP differentis listed all in one condensed area with all the formula. Right now it is listing one Attack down below and then another Attack up above that needs to be multiplied by the CPCPM. MultiplierI guess experienced people know, but less experience people may find it confusing at first.