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The [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl beta#Items|unused items]] discovered in the internal data of {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} are still present in {{game|Platinum}}, but with additional unused items as well. Additionally, two key items that were used in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl but have no use in Pokémon Platinum are still present in the game's data:
* [[Point Card]], which stores [[Battle Point]]s earned in the {{Gdis|Battle Tower|IV}}. Surprisingly, it will still function despite Battle Points now being tracked by the [[Vs. Recorder]].
* [[{{si|Storage Key]]}}, which allows entrance to the [[Team Galactic]] [[Team Galactic HQ|Warehouse]]. It is now used by [[Looker]] instead. Modifying the saved game to add the item back to the [[Bag]] will not allow it to function.
===Debugging features===