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Article splitting
And finally: how's your Berry project coming along? As in, are you getting any closer to getting to writing articles for different Mails? --[[User:FinnishPokéFan92|FinnishPokéFan92]] ([[User talk:FinnishPokéFan92|talk]]) 07:24, 23 October 2019 (UTC)
:Can I help with splitting the Basement Key article? --[[User:FinnishPokéFan92|FinnishPokéFan92]] ([[User talk:FinnishPokéFan92|talk]]) 10:44, 2 November 2019 (UTC)
::I just split the Basement Key article and will probably split the Storage Key and Card Key articles as well. Feel free to make any changes to the split pages you feel are necessary. --[[User:FinnishPokéFan92|FinnishPokéFan92]] ([[User talk:FinnishPokéFan92|talk]]) 13:34, 2 November 2019 (UTC)